Tuesday, December 19, 2006

To Wynn In Vegas

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So, I did a very quick trip to Las Vegas... I actually did some work, writing, and stuff like that. Some buddies booked a room at the new Wynn Las Vegas and I decided to go along. Highly recommended for your next Vegas trip! Five Stars Up!

In between work and writing, I did some very Las Vegas things... drank a little, slotted around and did roulette a bit, ate like a vulture, and slept a lot.

Vegas gives you a lot of material... if you're a writer type. It's the only place where you can see how different the various regions of the United States are... all the Iowans, Nebraskans, Texans, mingled in with the L.A./California types and Vegas residents. Quite interesting and an amazing display of fashionista :-) And all the class dynamics... rich (or think they're rich) tourists and service workers. Interesting and condescending dynamics.

Anyway, back in L.A. for a few days before heading to Michigan for a week or so. Reading Eric Jerome Dickey's Chasing Destiny, which I bought this spring when it came out. Finally able to catch up. Then will catch up with E. Lynn Harris's I Say A Little Prayer... another one I got earlier this year and never had opportunity to read until now.

What's on your holiday reading list???

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dancehard said...

Glad u had fun in Vegas! Boy, my winter reading list is RIDICULOUS. This winter, i'm poised to finish the 4 books of E.Lynn Harris that I haven't read (including the memoir). Let's see... I have Clarence's book to finish, a few African dance and drumming history books, Cornell West's "Race Matters", Dayne Avery's "Sons", Sistah Souljah's "The Coldest Winter Ever" (i'm taking ur suggestion), a black queer studies read by Jose Esteban Munoz, Yesterday, I Cried by Iyanla Vizsant, and about 3 others I can't remember names for. Oh yeah, and I have to write my master's thesis proposal, yay!

I'm gonna be a reading fool! We should arrange a "coffee and reading" date or something...reading and chat over your favorite hot beverage...does that sound stupid. Holler back