Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My Michigan

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Oh Michigan. Oh Detroit. One of my friends once told me that every black person in the U.S. is just one or two degrees separated from Detroit... either living there, or having visited, or having a good friend or relatives there. How many degrees are you separated from Detroit?

It's the only place I know in the U.S. where newscasts are led by majority black teams -- both news anchors, weather, AND sports -- on most nights.

But if it wasn't for the Detroit area, the state seems like it would be one big Red State. They just passed an anti-affirmative action measure in the state -- as if 30 years of Civil Rights legislation can make up for 400 years of free labor and unfair and unearned advantages.

Also, it's weird to be in a place where there are so many cars I don't recognize. Living in L.A., I don't see Chevy's or Chrysler's on a regular basis. Yesterday's lead story in Detroit was a little angst-filled, as the reporter covered a simple meeting and talk between Toyota and Ford about a possible joint venture on hybrid technology. They take their cars serious here, and anything not perceived to be made in the U.S. is not seen very highly.

But despite all this, I love coming back to see my family. They think I'm kinda weird for leaving once I hit college age and never coming back. I love L.A. One day, maybe... Detroiters have a toughness and sense of pride about the area -- especially their high schools. I was part of the great Renaissance versus Cass Tech rivalry. And once a Detroiter, always a Detroiter. Go Phoenix!

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Anonymous said...

Loving your Ode to Detroit FS.

Maybe I'm biased, but Washington DC got knocked out by Vancouver. Loves it.