Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Dream Of Eileen... Davidson.

OK. Weird. Holiday madness I guess.

Why did I have the most vivid dream that I was interviewing actress Eileen Davidson for the SoapNet channel last night?

If you don't know her, it's probably because you're not a daytime drama watcher. She's Ashley Abbott on the Young and the Restless, who recently got released (fired, say her fans and fans of the show) from the role she's played off and on since 1982. Or if you watched Days, like my buddy Rashid Darden does, she played Kristen/Susan/Mary/Tommy/etc... during one of her hiatuses from Y&R.

Anyway, the dream was so real. I had her colleagues on leading a tribute. We talked about how angry we were over Eileen Davidsons' firing and the direction Y&R has been going in lately. It ain't cute... and it ain't the high quality, rich show it used to be. But I digress. We talked about her future. Which may take her back to Days.

Oh well. It was just a dream. She's not putting money in my pocket. And I'm sure she'll find a job soon if she wants one.

Diehard fans of Y&R want her back on Y&R where she belongs. But her role as Susan Banks, pictured here, was sure fun/ny and that would be a treat too.


V.A. said...

Wow, I'm glad someone said it...The Young and The Restless has become a small glimmer of what it used to be...The dialogue is horrid and the constant talking and limited mobility of story has me quite complex as to why Bill Bell isn't spinning in his grave...WHY...And why is Eileen going but yet instill we are forced to deal with professor Korbell, Colleen and AMBER...don't care...don't really care...But thanks for saying it Fred, Y&R is going down hill fast...

ReddMann said...

I have been watching Y&R since summers with grandma... and you are right the new writers at Y&R are taking it in the wrong direction. It is always good to add new elements but to totally change the soap leader for over 13 years is only gonna hurt them.

i also use to watch Days when Eileen was on there as Kristen Dimera/Susan/etc. and she was brilliant... but then that show got crazy too with demon possessions etc... and I had to let it go.