Friday, December 15, 2006

I Want My JTV... Jengo TV That Is.

Mood Tune: New Favorite by Alison Krauss (YouTube... if you've watched any kind of relationship slip away, you'll feel this song, but anyway...)

There's a new network, Jengo TV, that highlights authors, musicians, actors, models, and activists in, or friendly toward, the LGBT of color community.

I first heard about the network about a month ago from my writer friend Fiona Zedde. And two weeks ago we shot a couple interviews and a podcast for the network with Kamika Dunlap and Debra Wilson.

If you look around the site long enough, you'll hear an excerpt from my first novel, Down For Whatever. OK, here's the link. I know we're in the "give it to me quick and fast" age. :-)

Have a nice weekend. I think I'm heading to Vegas later this weekend... for research. Yeah, that's what it is. And then heading to Detroit shortly after that. I'll still be online.

So go enjoy your JTV... Jengo TV.

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