Friday, October 07, 2005

Will and Grace. Hot Again.

One of my favorite TV comedies is Will and Grace. I always make time to watch it on Thursday nights... or it's usually one of the first I retrieve from DVR to watch.

This is the final year of the show. But it's not going out on a whimper, like many shows that manage an 8-year run (ala Jumping the Shark).

The writing seems so much stronger this year, than in the past couple of seasons. And I'm glad the focus is back on the four main characters, Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen (and of course, Rosario). No more of the endless cycle of guest stars every week. The four (well five) of them have a chemistry and comic timing that is great. And the subtle political snipes at the current regime are so perfect.

I bet the writers on the show have a wonderful time working together coming up with such fun scripts and stories.

So... who thinks a season 9 is warranted? Or a Karen Walker show?

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Clay said...

i like the show but i am ENRAGED that they replaced the Golden Girls slot on Lifetime!!!!