Tuesday, October 25, 2005

College Application Time

When I was in high school, we had so many college nights and college recruiters we couldn't decide how many nights a week to give up to go back to school and hear from the places we wanted to go.

The military, or simply getting a job, wasn't an option. Not even a thought. I hear things have changed. Especially in L.A., where military recruiters sometimes get more respect than college recruiters in the schools, according to my friends in university recruitment and admissions. I don't know what things are like in your city.

I know there's tons of legislation now that give military recruiters access to high school student records in order to ease the road to recruitment. Many parents and students don't know they can opt out and not get on military lists.

So... if you have a nephew, niece, little brother or sister, or cousin... especially high school seniors... sit down with them in these next few weeks. Ask them about their goals and aspirations. Ask them what schools they want to attend after high school. Encourage them to apply. Tell them not to worry about the money. It will come. Even for the application fees if the family doesn't have money for them.

Most applications will be due by early January 2006 for admission in Fall 2006. Financial aid forms are due in early 2006, and the sooner they're turned in the better.

The important thing is to stay in school, finish, and build the future and life they want to live. And if that encouragement doesn't come from a teacher or parents, you can be the one to provide that encouragement and kick in the pants.

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BuddahDesmond said...

How I remember those days. It seemed like I was just attending the many college nights and college fairs in school and across town. It's kind of funny (and kind of scary) looking back now, especially being as though I'm finishing up my last year of my masters.

I sat down with one of my cousin's just before I came back to school. He's a freshman in high school this year. He's decided that he does want to go to college, possible places where he'd like to go, and possible majors. He's really optimistic about it, and already seems to have a good idea about what he needs to do. I encouraged him to go forward with it and not to let anything stand in his way. I also encouraged him to always be on the lookout for scholarships as well (because every little bit counts). And I told him that I'd be available to help in whatever way I could.

As it stands, I'm the only male in the family with a bachelor's degree and soon, a master's degree from college. I try not to think about the weight of it all, but I truly understand the significance of these accomplishments. I'm really hoping that some (if not all) of my cousin's coming up follow in my footsteps. If not, like anybody else, they're going to have to come up with a damn good plan of what they'd like to do with their professional lives.