Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Hot New Janitor

So I don't know about you.

But I've got a "thing" for things blue collar, rough around the edges, bad boy type. (i.e. the "redeeming the bad boy" dating entry last week...)

Anyway, we've got a hot new janitor who started in the organization last week on January 2nd.

And he's driving everyone good, sexy crazy with his style (he nixed the janitorial uniform, for his tight v-neck t-shirts, sagging jeans, and the iPod which blasts hip hop tunes). And he's friendly. And he's professional. And he's somewhere under 30, probably under 25, from our guesses. And he passed the background check which everyone goes through to get hired, so we know he's not a documented crazy or criminal. And he was just some random find out the applicant pool apparently.

And everyone who's single -- man, woman, undecided -- is talking about him. When we walk to the restroom or lunchroom. When we gather around the water cooler. After he leaves our offices after picking up the trash, we're picking up the phone. "Ma-a-a-a-a-ry, what's up with the new janitor?"

He's single, some busy-body already got that info. We've seen her flaunting her tight sweaters around him.

What's the fascination we have with the new people who join our organizations? What's the fascination when it's the janitor, delivery person, or maintenance person?

Why was that storyline so hot on the Soul Food television series, when Teri met Damon the delivery guy at her workplace?

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the last noel said...

I know this fascination. God,do I know.