Friday, February 02, 2007

Jenifer Lewis: Bipolar, Bath & Beyond. L.A.

Love her performances soooooo much. Words aren't even needed. Will be there when the show runs in Los Angeles, February 10 - March 3, 2007.

The new one-woman show starring Jenifer Lewis: Bipolar, Bath & Beyond.

If you can't catch BBB, you can love her in Jackie's Back or the upcoming Dirty Laundry.


dancehard said...

Fred! It was great to see you up there doing your thing on Saturday. I have pictures for you by the way. What day you going to the show? I'm planning on going as well...can't wait to get my fix of Jenifer's crazy behind.

Dubbed As Trent Jackson said...

Um...Freddie, we must go see this, since we missed Krystal and Alexis!