Thursday, January 20, 2005

News from my editor

So just before I left my office last night, I got some good news from my editor at Kensington. Well, to me ALL news is good news since this is my first novel and everything excites me.

DOWN FOR WHATEVER's official release date is July 5, 2005. It's a Tuesday. Same day of the week new CDs drop. Very exciting to know I'll have something on the market.

My editor, John, also dropped the design choices for my book cover in the mail. Can't wait to see what the artists at Kensington have come up with. I mean, I have my ideas and visualized each of the characters and how they'd be portrayed. Now it'll be interesting to see how a total outside person interprets my novel. I'm sure it'll be awesome.

And finally, the summer catalogue from Kensington is going out to bookstores and loyal customers very soon. Very soon, people will begin to know about my novel and will have the chance to order it for their stores and shelves.

Of course, I want a lot of word of mouth to market and promote the book. Putting the final touches on my Street Team and looking for ideas to help make that happen.

So... if you know someone who might be interested in marketing, publicity, or who wouldn't mind taking a look at a novel that's a black & Latino 'Queer as Folk' meets 'Sex & The City' set in L.A., drop me a line... join the DOWN FOR WHATEVER team!

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