Monday, January 31, 2005


So I love hip hop, rap, and R & B. Dig watching 106 & Park when I can. Kick it with friends at our regular hip hop haunts in L.A. and other cities when we can. Just something about hooks, bass, and some rants about 'da club, 'da Escalade, 'da chinchilla... and 'da weekend is crunk. Yeah, okay. I'm a dork sometimes, but who isn't?

But what you don't know is that I have another secret musical passion.


Love it. The lyrics. The stories. The drama. The heartache and pain. I'm just a big old country music drama queen. Okay. Don't laugh.

So this weekend, while writing, I kept the Country Music Channel on in the background. And I'm in LOVE with three new songs and videos out now.

Don't by Shania Twain. Beautiful cinematography. Beautiful lyrics. Don't fight, don't argue. A lot of hardcore country music fans think Shania's a little too pop. Well, whatever works. It's working for her. And the song lyrics are just fabulous.

Wake Up Older by Julie Roberts. A woman scorned, talking to her bottle of Jack Daniels, and searching for a cool bottle or a warm shoulder to get her through the night. Good country drama.

I May Hate Myself In The Morning by Lee Ann Womack. So for those of you who can't quite let that ex go, and run from bed to the shrink and back to the bed, this is the theme song for that angst. A lonely night. A few drinks. A phone call. A stroll down memory lane. A night of memory-lane passion. As Lee Ann Womack sings, "I may hate myself in the morning, but I'm gonna love you tonight." Who hasn't been there?

Until next time...

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