Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Visible Lives: E. Lynn Harris Tribute

If you're a fan of the late E. Lynn Harris and his novels, then you're sure to enjoy this new book.

Visible Lives: A Tribute to E. Lynn Harris features new fictional stories by James Earl Hardy, Stanley Bennett Clay, and Terrance Dean in honor of E. Lynn Harris. The stories feature the author himself as a character or characters whose lives have been influenced by E. Lynn Harris or his work.

Visible Lives will be available May 25 in bookstores everywhere.

The authors will kick off the book with several appearances in Los Angeles next week, including readings at Cal State L.A. and Esowon Bookstore, and at In The Meantime Men's Group. Later next week and through the summer, the authors will appear jointly and separately at additional bookstores, book clubs, pride events, and libraries across the U.S.

For many people, including myself, their writing careers or life identity were influenced or validated by E. Lynn Harris' novels. His groundbreaking early novels, Invisible Live and Just As I Am are must-reads, and were in a sense a rite of passage for many in the black LGBT community.

Visible Lives seems a fitting tribute to the groundbreaking author. Definitely a good book to pick up for your summer reading.


Chet said...

Looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of this during Pride Fest 2010.

Anonymous said...

I love you....I just finshed reading "Right Side..." and I am in love....!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! This book better work.

Now, if I could get a continuation of the Raymond Tyler-Basil Henderson saga, I would be in heaven.