Friday, May 28, 2010

The Neelys

For Memorial Day weekend, what better way to get in the spirit than with barbeque... and a blog entry I wrote in August 2009 about The Neely's. I'm craving bbq this weekend in L.A., since I'm not heading to midwest, so I gotta figure something out :-) And if you join the Neely's on Facebook, you'll get weekly recipes... some bbq-related, some not. But all delicious!

August 2009
Back in the Midwest for a few days with the family. I realize how much life here revolves around food (and bulging bellies, lol). I've managed a couple gym trips while here, but all those family (i.e. food) gatherings are close to negating the benefits of exercise.

Anyway, why am I now super fascinated with the Pat and Gina Neely (and the rest of the Neely family) of Memphis story? I caught their show recently on Food Network, Down Home With The Neelys, where they showcase their family recipes, heritage, and marriage. Loved it.

Came home to my mom's house and found their new cookbook, Down Home With The Neelys, on the kitchen table. Read it cover to cover and now have to get a copy for myself.

What I love most (beyond the barbeque, soul food, and sweets they make) is their love story. It's a story that began back in high school, and with a couple relationships, cross-country moves, and children in their paths, they found themselves reunited at their 10-year high school reunion.

Now gotta try their restaurant, Neelys BBQ, in Memphis and Nashville.

Good love. Good food. What more could someone ask for?


Atiyah said...

I have an autographed copy I ordered from QVC and I have been going through it flagging the recipes I want to try. I cant wait to make their bbq sauce.

Ernessa from 32 said...

The Neelys get a BIG mention in my next book. Love these two!