Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Efrain's Secret

We all know young people who would like the opportunity to attend college, but for whatever reason... can't dream it, can't afford it.

The novel, Efrain's Secret, by Sofia Quintero follows such a struggle.

17-year-old Efrain is growing up on the tough streets of the Bronx. He's entering senior year. He has earned perfect SAT scores. And he dreams of escaping his environment to attend college at Yale, Harvard, or another Ivy League School. He knows neither he nor his parents can afford the $30+k tuition, so he turns to his boys in the neighborhood pharmaceutical business for a sales job. He desperately wants to pay for college.

Sofia Quintero has penned several novels focusing on young people growing up in NYC. This is another winner from her collection, and it's for young adults... or young adults at heart.

Highly recommended.

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