Thursday, May 06, 2010

How To Talk About Books... You Haven't Read

Heard about this book on a podcast this week... can't remember the podcast, but the book idea sticks out.

How To Talk About Books You Haven't Read is by Pierre Bayard, and is a fun social guide to participating in conversations about books you haven't read. Listen to this NPR interview featuring the author.

I'm sure many of us, myself included, have stood by quietly while people are discussing a book or another topic that everyone is assumed to have knowledge of. Of course, assuming is not a good thing, because everyone comes from different levels of knowledge, education, and cultural capital.

But I'm sure a book like this one will help in some of those socially awkward moments.

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thelastnoel said...

LOL! Trust me, I'd been in that position many times. Sometimes, I'm with an author who assumed I'd read his book. It awful.