Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oleta Adams Is Still Here

I was happily excited this morning when one of the listserves I belong to had a brief mention of a new CD project by Oleta Adams called Let's Stay Here.

You probably remember her song Get Here, which was kind of like the Gulf War, long-distance love song of the 1990s. Such beautiful lyrics... EVERYone loved and I think still loves the song. I'd seen a project or two after that, but figured that recording was over and that she was doing shows only.

So excited to see there's a new CD. And so excited to see that almost twenty years after Get Here, that she could pass for a twenty-something. Actually, she kinda favors my friend Rhonda, but I'm sure she'll disagree.

Anyway, check out Let's Stay Here. And have a nice day!


Corey Keith said...

Ah and she looks hot!

kennyking78 said...

I love Oleta. I will check this cd out. Thanks for the heads up.

B said...

she looks amazing-didn't recognize her Fred!

Anonymous said...

I bought it on Amazon I've listend to it several times. I'm not there yet it's good but it's not great!