Thursday, April 16, 2009

American Violet

American Violet comes out tomorrow Friday, April 17.

Many in the artistic and academic circles are saying it's the first must-see black film of the year. Based on seeing the film preview, I can see why.

It's about a 20-something, single mother in Texas who is unjustly accused of drug dealing. She's completely innocent, but still is pressured to plea bargain and plead guilty. Talk about ethnicity, class, gender, and the role of government in enforcing stereotypes. It looks amazing.

It stars Nicole Beharie, along with favorites Alfre Woodard, Xzibit, Charles S. Dutton and other folks you know.

Now, films like this won't get all the media hype that some of the "lawd, big mama done burnt the chicken" projects, so that's why it's up to us to find it at the local independent theaters in our areas and go see it next weekend.

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C. Baptiste-Williams said...

I have already made plans to see this next Saturday but it is unfortunate that it has to be a "black film" when the story shows one aspect of the true America we live in.