Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hot Rafael and Y&R's Gay Storyline?

If you're looking for some great, free entertainment try Young and The Restless. Trust.

And if you're a friend and ally of the LGBT community, Y&R has a hot gay storyline just around the corner according to Daytime Confidential. We know one character who'll be part of the story, Rafael. The other part of the story, and possible romance, is a long-established male character already on the show.

Keep your DVRs on alert. Or watch online for part of the reveal in Friday's episode.

We know a thing about hot characters named Rafael. People still email me about Rafael in my first novel, Down For Whatever. Can't seem to get enough of him.

Looking forward to seeing how Y&R handles its new gay storyline.


C. Baptiste-Williams said...

ok i watch this show daily and Raphael barely has a bit part so unless they are expanding his character this storyline will be quite short.

And existing male character already on the show... I can't even imagine who that would be.

KeepRafe said...

I hope Y&R does explore this storyline - just not sure how Adam is going to get mixed up in it all... Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

I turned it on the other day and they were making out a bit, and Nicki walked in on them without their knowledge. Whoa! So the storyline is heating up for sure.