Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Squirrel Lady... And Laugh-A-Latte

Originally posted this in March 2009, but updating for my L.A. peeps who might want to trek down to Long Beach tonight (Saturday) for the Laugh A Latte show...

March 2009
So last Saturday one of my friends suggested we do something different than our normal Saturday routine, which usually includes some type of dinner, drinking, dancing combination.

We ended up going to this coffee shop in Long Beach, CA called HotJava, where we discovered some kind of show was going on. We had no clue, but said to ourselves, "Let's stay and see." Am I GLAD we did.

It was a free standup comedy night called Laugh-A-Latte hosted by comedian actress Carlease. The show featured about 10 comics of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, and abilities, which was something I loved. Also turns out all you have to do is buy a cup of coffee, or a pastry, or just drop in a tip for the coffee shop employees... all based on honor system. Every 3rd Saturday of the month 8 - 10 pm, get there by 7 pm to get a seat. Great way to spend a Saturday night!

All that said, they saved the BEST for last. Betsy Salkind does a great comedy performance, but her finale -- a dead-on impression of a squirrel -- had me and the crowd rolling for the five minutes that part of her set took. In fact, I'm still rolling just thinking about it, and woke up this morning to share with you.

Betsy Salkind The Squirrel Lady (about a minute into the sketch here).



Scorned Woman said...

I never would have thought watching someone act like a squirrel would be that funny. Very creative.

Carlease! said...

Hi Fred,
Thanks for mentioning me in your blogs. I am inspired to start blogging too. Let's see what happens. In the meantime, everyone come on down to Long Beach and Laugh-A-Latte!!