Saturday, March 21, 2009

Recession The Times

Times are hard for a lot of folks. And a lot of folks are blogging about it. A couple of my new favorites that write about recession experiences:

Stuff Unemployed People Like

Recession Daily

In the meantime, I found out about a couple of local movie bargains that I will definitely be taking advantage of for low-cost evening out. Thanks to Buy Local Pasadena site, I've learned about low cost films in their column, Recessions Sure Are Good For Movies. I'm sure there are similar low-cost film options in your area.

Free stuff to do that's entertaining? Share your suggestions with us.

My personal favorite: going to book readings at local bookstores, even if I don't (or am not able to) purchase the book. It's like going to writer school for free.

Have a good one!

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