Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hungry For Knowledge

It's one of those days where I woke up hungry and have been wanting to snack all morning. Good thing I brought my good snacks, little 100-cal packs, baked doritos, pieces of fruit, etc... to tide me over in between meals. Bad snacks, I've found, can lead to extra waistline cushion.

Maybe that's why I've been looking at Orangette blog this morning. Some RICH recipes. Or also listening to The Splendid Table podcast for the tales of food.

How about feeding my love for books? Author and playwright Pearl Cleage is going to be on my campus today and tomorrow in L.A. In fact, a student and I get to pick her up at where she's staying to bring to campus. I'll try not to oogle and awe at her wisdom and fabulousness.

A student of Pearl Cleage's, Tayari Jones, had some good knowledge to share on her blog. Thanks for the news that Angela Bassett is making her directoral debut, filming a movie version of Percival Everett's novel, Erasure. I love, Love, LOVE that book and I'm sure Ms. Bassett will do it justice with a classy film adaptation.

That's all for now. Got a bit of running around to do... and some last-minute reading before black literature class this afternoon.

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