Tuesday, March 24, 2009

For Writers. For Eaters. Links.

In spring break mode right now, so I'll make this quick. Some new and interesting sites I've found that you may like too...

Wasted Food. A chronicle of how much food gets wasted and how to turn that excess into meals. I loved the "eat down your cabinets and fridge for a week" experiment entry.

Spotted Dog Sundae. Sounds weird the name, but for writers looking for prompts to get started there's a whole list of prompts that may help unblock your writing process.

Writer Unboxed. Great interviews, tips, and suggestions for writers.

Johnny Diaz. Boston-based journalist and novelist. We're on the same book label and he's got some great novels out, including a third coming this summer.

Meal Planning On A Budget and without wasting anything.

Don't forget to pick up J. California Cooper's Life Is Short But Wide today.

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Constant Motion said...

From a wanna-be writer's prospective, I thank you for these links you have posted. I plan to review each of them, and have started with one already today. Again, a moment of gratitude for sharing this information.