Saturday, November 15, 2008

L.A. Stories. Valet Parking.

Real quick... you know you're in L.A. when you arrive at the gym, find NO parking spots, and realize that you've never used the gym's valet service.

I did today. For the first time.

I valet park most everywhere else I go -- clubs, restaurants, sometimes the mall. Yeah, the mall -- malls in L.A. are super crowded on weekends. I mostly valet in the evening and night hours, for safety sake.

But never thought I'd resort to valet parking at the gym. In the daytime. It felt kinda lazy.

But it was better than driving around for 15 minutes and using up all that gas.

L.A. stories.


Jamar Herrod said...

oh wow. Valeting at the gym thats a new one. How much is that anyway?

Acoustic Soul said...

Valet parking at the gym. hmm . . . .