Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Death In Daytime

So you know I'm so into Young and the Restless. And lately it rocks... and the only other thing that'll make it rock more is the return of Victoria Rowell as Drucilla!

Daytime Confidential has a sneak preview of this week's Paris storyline, along with the death of a major character that brings back several familiar faces of the past for the funeral.

The other part that rocks is the return of Eileen Davidson as Ashley Abbott. A great heritage character of the show who never should have been off the Y&R canvas, but writers make choices sometimes that the audience doesn't always understand.

And apparently, while she was off the soap canvas, the actress published her first novel, Death In Daytime, about a veteran soap actress who is accused of murdering an executive producer she clashes with about character development.

Sounds like a juicy read. And at $6.99 on Amazon, it's a perfectly affordable gift for the holidays... or to give yourself just because.


novelreader said...

Congrats to Eileen! I'm going to get this book and add to my collection. Thanks!

Pharaoh said...

hello Handsome,
It's the six degrees thing going on...I'm just clicking away at various blogs based on my excitement for my own newly penned blog and I find yours.
It's been a while. Hope everything been good.
Lol I'm not much of a soap opera fan but death in daytime does sound like an interesting read.