Friday, November 28, 2008

Books: Low-Cost, Educational, and Thoughtful Gifts

As an author, I'm always about the shameless plug about myself or the book industry. This is no different :-) Every purchase you make adds to our payday, which if you weren't aware comes twice a year for published authors -- June 1 and December 1. All those purchases add up and mean something for us... and we thank you for your support!

Now I know many of you, including myself, are tightening up the wallets and purses. I read somewhere that it's becomong "less embarassing" to talk about our personal economies, and I'm no different. So I'm all about low cost, yet thoughtful, shopping and gift giving.

First, for the next 48 hours or so you can download Oprah's Holiday Hits 2008 for free. It has some goodies on it, including something from Aretha Franklin's This Christmas cd and Brian McKnight's I'll Be Home For Christmas cd.

Of course books make great and low-cost holiday gifts that can last and be used forever. Yesterday, I celebrated the 1-year release date of my latest, Right Side of the Wrong Bed. Author Carleen Brice is encouraging non-black readers to give black authors a try with the campaign, Buy A Book By A Black Author And Give It To Somebody Not Black.

If you're into books by black authors, here are some of the sites I check out to learn about the upcoming releases. There may be others, and feel free to share them here with the readers.

APOOO African American Book Club
R.A.W.Sistaz Literary Group

The best part about these sites... you can shop at home and avoid the craziness at the malls, which are usually one of my favorite weekend hangouts, but not during the winter holidays.

Have a great one!


Yasmin said...

yippee and thanks Fred for the shoutout...many blessings with your literarty endeavors.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. For the past few years books or giftcards to book stores are the only gifts I give my young cousins or my son's friends.