Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crime Stories

I've read just a few crime stories and mysteries, but I know they are a huge slice of the fiction market.

I just discovered a new blog, Crime Sistahs, which features black women authors who write crime novels/mysteries. Check it out.

Also, one of the authors featured on Crime Sistahs is based in L.A., Pamela Samuels Young, who has a number of books that look interesting. What's also fascinating is that she works full-time as an attorney and still manages a writing career.

A couple of my crime/mystery faves both hail from the Los Angeles Times, and are now writing their novels full time. Paula L. Woods and Denise Hamilton.

Seeing that we live in such an unpredictably violent world at times, it's nice to sink into the safety of our favorite chair or room to read about fictional crimes and mysteries.

Are there any fiction crime/mystery series that you follow that you want us to know about?

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