Monday, July 03, 2006

Soooo Erica Kane.

(Image from Anne Taintor site.)

What's that saying? You know you've been in a city too long when you run into several of your former dates in the SAME place... and they're ALL friends... and none of them but you know you've dated them all. Or maybe they ALL do know, and you just don't know what they talk about when you're not there. Anyhoo...

Such is the case with yours truly, who, after dropping off friends Sunday evening at LAX (they tired of L.A. after At The Beach and wanted to get back East), stopped by one of my fave WEHO haunts, The Abbey. Black and Brown Sunday. You know the drill. Muy nice crowd. Yum. So not planned, but it happens to be on the route home, ya know?

Hung out with one I like but can't have (don't you hate when they have partners?), who is very good friends with one from last summer but our busy-ness got in the way of going beyond a few dinners, who was just three feet away from last fall's military experience, who was good friends with a phone-number exchange that never got beyond a few calls and then nowhere fast... and so on, and so on, and so on... Remember that shampoo commercial? What was that shampoo?

Uh, anyway. The whole thing is kinda funny in a way, because the black boy community is so small and we're all like 6-degrees away from knowing each other, and it's a given that we've probably dated the same people and not even know it... until we're all in the same 6-foot radius and drinking mojitos together. And then let the college or professional or Greek-letter or safe-and-good-black-boy experience come into play and the pool is even smaller.

And afterwards, I did my nightly "keep me company while I'm driving" call to a buddy in the Midwest who had the same experience in his city last night. Except he's WAY together and doesn't go after or want Mismatches -- those he can't have, those who have partners already, those who live thousands of miles away, those with records... uh, I mean those who commit civil disobedience in the name of social justice. So freaking Erica Kane. OK, we all can have our drama days and nights, and then know reality.

Uh. Anyway, the day job calls. I want to be at a pool or a barbeque. Maybe I will in the afternoon. All the same guys... are all going to the same party this afternoon. Ready for Round Two.


Clay said...

that is very erica kane - lol. hope you are having a good holiday!

Anonymous said...

I imagine the black boy community is small, but I think the boy community in general is small.

I find it difficult to go to The Abbey and its surroundings because everyone knows everyone.

You are my black male Erica Kane. Now get off the net, put on some more diamonds, and call me up for more drama at The Abbey!