Monday, July 24, 2006

Lotus Brothers. San Diego Book Club.

These guys are the best.

The Lotus Brothers Book Club in San Diego selected my first novel as their summer book. We had a fun and lively discussion. Relationships. Health. The writing life. Dealing with the Rafael's in your life. Oh, you have to read the book to know about Rafael.

Anyway, my new friends John and Michael hosted the meeting at their Hillcrest home. Imagine living just a block from all the boy action. Oh, we're talking books though.

John and Michael were great hosts. Lorenzo and Ken, the book club coordinators, handled everything wonderfully. Loved the questions. Swope put his foot in that barbeque chicken and sauce. Yum! Thanks to Obelisk Books for supplying books!

And... hmmmmm... cuties in the club. Well, just look at the picture. Thanks Lotus Brothers. Hope to visit with you guys soon. (Other book clubs, I'm available this summer and fall!)

And for those of you who haven't been to San Diego before, there are TONS of available and prosperous and physically fit men available. Some... in uniform. Yum.

Well, more on that later...

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