Sunday, July 16, 2006

Maurice Jamal. Dirty Laundry.

So I know a lot of you already got to see Maurice Jamal's new film, Dirty Laundry, during some of the special screenings on the East Coast.

And it's probably old news to you that it is a phenomenally PHENOMENAL film.

But for many of us on the West Coast, we got to see it for the first time during its L.A. premiere at the Outfest Film Festival. And the scene was soooooo L.A. -- the whole red carpet, paparazzi, celebrity interviews before the screening. Loretta Devine, Rockmond Dunbar, Maurice Jamal, Nathan H. Williams, and several others associated with the production in the house, along with a packed audience and a "standby" ticket line that went around the block. Soooooo much demand to see the film.

Scene set, without giving away the film -- you can catch clips and summaries at the Dirty Laundry official website -- I have to say the film is great and I know it's got a long road of success ahead. Fresh. Funny. Poignant. And with performances that pop off the screen.

But what was most inspiring was hearing Maurice and Nathan talk about the process, the behind-the-scenes story, that took the Dirty Laundry from an idea to what we saw last night in L.A. I love hearing from and about people who make things happen. That's always the fun part for creative types to hear.

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