Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jackie Washington Day. Jackie's Back.

Antandra. Peaches Yancy. Yield, Yield, Yield. Shaniqua. Ethel Mae. The flask. The tacos that STILL haven't been paid for... or have they?

Oh. So how did you spend Jackie Washington Day on Saturday?

Yeah, the Jackie Washington as in Jackie's Back... the classic that's on every boy's shelf. Jackie Washington as portrayed by Jenifer Lewis... who is now starring in Maurice Jamal's Dirty Laundry as Aunt Lettuce.

Anyway, back to Jackie Washington Day. Trent actually reminded me of the holiday, July 15, on Saturday right before we went to the Dirty Laundry screening (entry above). And so I did some quick internet research and found a few cool Jackie Washington sites.

Such as a Jackie Washington/Jackie's Back mySpace page.

And... The real Jackie Washington... a Canadian jazz and blues singer... who celebrates Jackie Washington Day on July 15.

Keith Boykin's Jackie's Back review from 2002.

If you haven't seen Jackie's Back yet... it's indeed a must see!

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