Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Getting to Happy

So today is the release date of Terry McMillan's new novel, Getting to Happy. It's the sequel to Waiting to Exhale, and finds us fifteen years later visiting the four characters -- Gloria, Bernardine, Savannah, and Robin.

A little late for me to hit the bookstore. Didn't pre-order online. So I'll be making a special trip to the mall or Esowon tomorrow or late in the week.

But I'm happy the new novel is here. Can't wait to read. I remember reading Waiting to Exhale in the early 90s, barely in college. Laughing out loud at the crack-up funny writing and stories the characters were telling, and my dorm mates asking what was I reading that was so fun(ny).

I attended a preview reading Terry McMillan did at the LA Times Book Festival this year, and based on what I heard we're in for another crack-up funny and dramatic story.

Can't wait to get Getting to Happy. You?

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Rodrigo Zambia Cruz said...

I heard the new book was a cool $30, and being a college student on a budget I'm going to have to wait a second before I add it to my personal collection! :) I'm enjoying your site!!! :)