Sunday, August 02, 2009

Days of Summer...

Can you believe it's August? My God, how fast summer is rolling by. Wow... seems like just yesterday was New Year's Eve... and let's not go there with New Year's Eve 1999 going into 2000. Y2K anyone? That was 10 years ago. Finger snap.

Digression. The point is summer...

Saw a great film today that I highly recommend. 500 Days of Summer. Anyone who has experienced the beginnings and endings of a significant romantic relationship will relate.

Saw a hilarious play last night that I highly recommend. Chico's Angels. The Angels have quite a following here in L.A. and soon the show will be going on the road when the current L.A. run ends this weekend. YouTube clip Chico's Angels. Loving it.

Finally, my days of summer are gonna get a little sweeter. It's called Furlough Friday at the day job. And though it's going to hit the paycheck immediately, I'm looking forward to the Fridays off for personal projects, writing, and errands. Always looking on the bright side.

Hope you're making some fond summer memories!

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