Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hanging On To...

Just a little over three weeks of summer break for me, and I'm just hanging on to the days. It's all about making those memories.

A few updates.

So excited to hear that Drucilla is still hanging on to that cliff, and that fan favorite Victoria Rowell may be in talks to return to Young & Restless. Favorite character. Favorite show. Winning combo. The show (and the Winters family) aren't the same without her.

For years at the gym, I'd been hanging on to the myth of "only muscle guys work out in that area." This summer, thanks to a 12-Week Bodybuiding.com online training site, I've learned the ins and outs of the mysterious free-weights zone and time-effective cardio sessions, and I'm so sorry I've been missing out for so long.

Summer accomplishments.

Finished novel #3 and it's on its way. I have a tentative title in mind, but I'm always open to the publisher's and agent's suggestions. They do this for a living. For me, it's fun. Starting #4 while I still have some days of summer.

Saw Beyonce and the Queen, Aretha Franklin this summer in concert. So happy Whitney Houston's comeback is pretty secure and sounding great!

Saw way too many movies this summer. Rather, I should say too many mainstream/blockbuster films. Not my normal cup of tea, but my pics for best summer films: 500 Days of Summer, Star Trek, and District 9. I predict lots of Academy Award love for District 9.

But hey, there's still some summer to hang on to... get out there and make more memories and have some good times. It's not too late!


Eduardo Guize said...

Any tentative release date for novel #3?

Cherlyn Michaels said...

Congrats on finishing book 3! I hope to be right behind you. :-)

And Drew might be coming back??? Now that's cool! I need to catch up on my episodes on the net!

JABM said...

Way to go Fred - Can't wait to read the new one

Joseph said...

Yay! Novel #3 is a comin'! I'm so excited. It's about time.