Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Husband Habit

Confession. There was a period about three years ago (maybe two) where all the guys I thought were potential dates had long-term partners. This was in between on-again/off-again rounds with the ex I call Last Call.

I didn't go into these friendships-turned-crushes deliberately seeking someone with a mate. It just happened. What's that saying about the Universe attracts the energy you put out? Well, I wasn't seeking men with boyfriends. In my mind, they were crushes. In their minds, we were friends. But, somehow I always felt guilty for crushing on and spending time with men with partners... though nothing romantic ever happened.

That phase is over.

But of course there's a novel coming out in a couple weeks with a heroine who finds herself always attracting married men: The Husband Habit by Alisa Valdes Rodriguez. It's getting good reviews even prior to its release. And if you've read AVR's previous works, you know you're in for a fun and fulfilling read. Trust me.

But on that note, have you ever found yourself in a "attracting partnered people" phase? Or have you actually gone full-throttle in a relationship with a partnered person? Did you ever think about or run into the partner?

Or ever wondered if the rule that the straights follow (married people shouldn't have single friends of either sex) should go for the LGBT community (people with partners shouldn't keep/go out with single friends)?

Or should there even be rules on this anymore? Hmmmm....

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Anonymous said...

I don't know about the "rules" of the straights but I have male friends that I've had in my life since I was a youngster who have precedence over any one trying to eliminate them without just cause. I definitely am looking for to the release of this book (is it out yet?) because I've had a strange attraction to "attached" men...
Does your wife know you're my soul mate?

I had to learn to set higher standards for myself because it was obvious that I was falling for anything...but to each his/her own. Sometimes it works but I guess the question would always be looming: "Will he/she leave me just like he did her?"