Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let The Writing Begin... Again

For about the past six months, I've let my writing side of my professional life go to the "B-list" of to-do list. Not because I don't care about that part of my life -- or the readers who have bought, read, or borrowed my two novels.

I keep a day job at a campus, and for the past six months I've chaired the Grand Opening committee of my campus' Student Union. The event happened yesterday from 3 - 10 pm and it was FABULOUS if I must say. Once pics are up online, I'll share because I'm proud.

From lighting design, to food, to security, to invitations and guest lists, to entertainment, to timing the script to the confetti bursts, to going WAY over budget lol, to our headliner ESTELLE it was fabulous. And if any of you ever get a chance to work with Estelle for an event you're planning -- she and her people are so cool and easy to work with.

But back to writing. Well, at least I will be. For the past six months working with a fabulous committee, I've put the Grand Opening first. It's been a very fun task. I enjoyed being a dedicated team member for it (some say compulsive, and over-detailed workaholic). Now I kinda have that post-event lull like -- what now? Believe me, now I completely understand post-partem depression for new moms, or why entertainers deal with so much mental angst... the post-event part is hard.

I'm excited to move my writing life back to the A-list of my to-do list. First, I gotta get my third novel out of editing purgatory. Then I have a long list of ideas that I plan to make happen on the page this year.

Let the writing begin... again!

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