Saturday, January 24, 2009

And The Awards Go To...

Thanks D-Place for surprising me today with an award recognizing blogs that have inspired in some way. It's really cool recognition. You never know who is reading you or who you are affecting in some way.

As part of the recognition, we're all "Paying It Forward" to recognize others who have inspired you... and those new discoveries who inspire you. See below:

Receiving the emblem in recognition of your mentoring, support, and encouragement to a fellow blogger is no small fete! It is evidence you have gone well beyond the call of duty by your continued efforts to "leave the pile higher than you found it!" It is further evidence that your blog has been identified as the epitome of excellence and is certainly admired. Thank you for your inspiration!

1. Keith Boykin. Though he's no longer "blogging" regularly per-se, you can read his work on The Daily Voice now. He was the first blog I ever read and on his final post, you can find links to other black LGBT blogs that are great reads.

2. Frank Leon Roberts. Another New Yorker (all my first blogs are NYC based), he is a scholar, cultural critic, and activist.

3. Clay Cane. I just love everything about Clay and his blog. You get serious, you get lots of funny, you get very good writing!

4. Tayari Jones. She often jokes with me that I got her started in blogging, but I love both her novels, her take on writing and literature, and she reminds me of that cousin you just get along with but can't explain why. (We're not cousins though.)

5. My Teenage Years. Another early read for me, I've enjoyed reading his personal journey from high school to his current days in college.

Receiving the emblem from a Seasoned Blogger is a testimony to you that you're on the right track! That your voice is being heard. And there are those out here in the blogosphere who recognize your potential even if you don't. Keep up the good work and remember to "Pay it Forward." Even though you may be considered "seasoned", continue to inspire

1. Aunt Jemima's Revenge.

2. Diary of an Anxious Black Woman.

3. The J Spot.

4. The Last Noel.

5. Chaz Lamar. (blog on MySpace).

The Rules:

1. Select 10 bloggers: 5 you consider your blogging Helping Hand then "Pay it Forward" by extending your "Helping Hand" to 5 additional bloggers in support and encouragement for their efforts.

2. In passing on the Emblem, each recipient must provide the name of blog or blog author with a link for others to visit.Each recipient must show the Emblem and put the name and link to the blog that has given it to her or him.

3. Link the Emblem to this post: Helping Hand: Much Obliged and Paying it Forward so that others will know it origin and impetus.

4. If you have not already done so, show your recipients some love by adding them to your blog roll, Technorati Favorite list, or in any other way to further let them know that their blog voice is important to you and being heard.

5. Add your name to The Helping Hand meme and don't forget to leave a comment as a permanent record of all Helping Hand recipients.

6. Display the rules.

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Mr. Jones said...

This is the second blog I've seen this on so far this morn. I might have to "borrow" this idea. LOL.