Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Age Ain't Nothing But...

If you're on As The World Turns, age is a drama-producer, especially after a grandmother finds out her new husband wants to bed her grandson.

If you're in real life, you realize that you've only got one life to live... so live it. I had to sit with a colleague who will be turning "almost 50" in a few days.

She's single, now takes care of and lives with elderly parents, but definitely had her wild phase, but now feels she let those "wild days" go on a little while too long... since she's "almost 50" and feels like her prospects are no longer coming out the woodwork like the old days.

Her advice, though, to me... "You can still party well into your 30s, but there comes a slippery slope moment from party animal to settle down... don't slip on the slope like I did and let your settle down with someone pass by."

Age. When is the slippery slope? Or is there one? Just a thought, as I think about my colleage who is lamenting turning "almost 50."

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thelastnoel said...

Oh, Gawd. I recently turned 41. Hmmmmm. What slope am I on?