Friday, January 02, 2009

Good Morning 09!

Yes, it's January 2... and no, I didn't just wake up from New Year's Eve celebrations. I'm going to treat this day as a regular work day -- yeah, starting to work on a Friday, instead of starting on Monday like most folks will be doing.

As for the crush and the New Year's party. Didn't even show up. Got all dressed up for the ball and no prince! But it was cool. I had lots of fun anyway, and what's that saying -- one nail replaces the other one? I met a couple of new folks -- COMPLETELY new folks who are not connected to any of my friends, organizations, work, etc... That's a good thing. I'll see crush at the gym at some point this wknd, I'm sure :-)

BTW, I got that quote, "One nail replaces the other one" from Alisa Valdes Rodriguez's Dirty Girls On Top, which I finally finished reading over holiday break. Yes, I started reading in July when it came out. Yes, life happened. But yes, I finished reading it on the cross country flight and absolutely loved it. So get a copy for yourself or for one of your friends.

I didn't tell you I survived being without a cell phone over the holidays, but I did. Left my charger in L.A. while I was in Detroit. Phone was dead within a day. Thank God for Facebook, MySpace, and other creative online ways of communicating.

Hope it's a good morning for you. Hope you're still working on those goals you've set for yourself. More writing later...



D.LavarJames said...

Happy New Year!

Jamar Herrod said...

Happy New Year Fred!! Glad you had fun!