Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Ex and The Janitor

Dang it. Last night I went to a little election night shin-dig with the last serious one I dated. He was pretty much outcast from his office (he works for a senator) because that office supports HIM, and my ex (and I) supports HER. So we hit up a little thingy for HER.

Anyway, we had a couple celebratory drinks. Talked with some folks. He talked a little long with one man folk... and it kinda made me jealous. Sometimes I wonder if this hanging with an ex is always a good thing. I've always believed if you start as friends, you can end as friends after the romance. But it's just got me wondering.

So this morning, I came to work and stepped up game on the hot new janitor I wrote about a few weeks back. Kinda out of reaction to last night's drama. Hot New Janitor and I have had some good verbal banter, back and forth, vague conversations every morning when he comes in to clean the office. Kinda like Omar and Kenny in Right Side of the Wrong Bed. I know he's not on my team. But I've found that window... sports, workouts, gym shoes (today's topic... he likes my kicks I'm wearing, black/white Pumas), his Lakers/my Pistons rivalry... to get the conversation going. We did exchange info, because he wants me to help with his resume.

But don't wanna fall into the pattern of social work crushes, where the crux of the relationship turns into a helping one. And then it's over when he gets the help he needs.

Sometimes I think men can all kick rocks... then I turn around and love them all the same. lol.

Aaaaah. Happy Ash Wednesday!

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