Thursday, February 21, 2008

But Did He Really Wanna Come Out?

So a good friend of mine, who I've known for about ten years, who has always been an open-minded straight, came out to me over the weekend.

Well, he didn't exactly come out. He was... forced? I guess.

I ran into him with his new partner over the weekend. They were in an unmistakable embrace, hug, kiss, and I just happen to look around and spot my friend and his man. I had to do a doubletake headshake... my friend and a man?

Then he did the whole "explaining"... how he's recently decided to be open about whoever he dates, that this guy he's dating pursued him, that I'm only the second or third person he's "told" about this phase of his life.

I don't think he would have told me anything had I not run into him. And though no one really owes ANYone an explaination of their life, I guess I kinda felt that I'd be among the first to know. I mean, he knows... KNEW... everything about my life, including the man date parts.

I'm tripping, but not tripping, ya know? I mean, he's happy. I'm happy for him. Still, it feels a little weird. I'm still processing since the weekend.

If anything, I'm happy that my 'dar isn't that off. That all those perfect-straight-boy crushes can kinda come true... like ten years later. If you're willing to wait for their process for ten years. lol.

Know what I mean?

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