Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Aaah. OK. Not That Major. But...

Well, I really don't need one... a nerve pill, but I kinda do. I'm a little perplexed. (Remember the old folks in our family and their nerve pills? lol)

So later this week, Thursday, I'll be heading over to UC San Diego to do a reading. In the Cross Cultural Center on the campus. With Fiona Zedde.

In addition to reading part of my current work, I have to read a short excerpt from someone who was/is an influence to my literary life, and then talk about why.

I'm torn. Could use some feedback, feedback.

James Baldwin. Because of his literary giant-ness. Question is... which piece?
E. Lynn Harris. Because his was the first I'd read that spoke to my identities.
Terry McMillan. Because her work made me believe I would be able to write and publish one day.
J. California Cooper. Because I just love her work, the life lessons in her work, and how great I think her stories are.

There are others... Alice Munro, Kerry Madden, Eric Jerome Dickey. A lot of work I admire and influenced me literary habits. I like to read more accessible pieces that people "get" rather than try to read something that is... you know...

Fiona's already told me who she's reading. So now it's up to me.

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Anonymous said...

James Baldwin is always an excellent choice, E Lynn Harris, god one as well, and, his themes are relevant to today's world. Terry McMillan, nah, too controversial nowadays! And, if you really want to go a different route, Octavia Butler, sci-fi is always in.