Friday, September 21, 2007

Write... Said Fred

So yeah, people always ALWAYS joke with me about my name being Fred. "What's up Right Said Fred," as in I'm Too Sexy Fame. It's cute. It's funny. But I don't sing.

Anyway, I do write. And I have been on a kick lately. A writing kick... at pre-dawn hours. And a net surfing kick at writing advice websites... after dark.

One of my new favorites is A Newbie's Guide to Publishing. I read this every day and find some new entry or link that gets me thinking about my author career. Two entries I recently paid attention to: New Year's Resolutions for Writers and No Vacation For You. Blunt, but real, advice for those aspiring for an author career.

I also love reading the blog of Tess Gerritsen. She writes best-selling medical mystery novels. And I just love her insights on being a published author.

Buzz, Balls, and Hype is another one I read pretty regularly. As well, Two Minds Full.

Many folks I meet who aspire to write or be a published author always talk about how they can't find a writer community, can't afford to take a class, or have time to join a critique group. For whatever reason. I understand.

But the next best thing, if you can't find a community or take a class, is to read and learn from those who have done it. Online. There, you'll meet other writers -- aspiring or otherwise.

Then, when you're done surfing, take what you've learned, digest it, undo the wireless access, and put the pen to the paper. Something. Daily.

Write... Said Fred. (Or, Don't Talk, Just Kiss... another Right Said Fred classic)

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