Monday, January 30, 2006

What I Fall For...

Creative types. Intellectual types. The been-in-trouble types... especially those I want to come to the rescue for.

This was part of a conversation I had this weekend with a couple of creative types.

Something about living and doing your passion, showing some (book)smarts, and being a little rough around the edges -- however that's defined -- and I'm hooked.

Kinda came about because of a few events I attended or participated in this weekend.

Met some actors, writers, and filmmakers... people living and doing their passion. And though I did NOT meet Jake Gyllenhaal this weekend, I was thoroughly impressed with his smarts on Oprah last week... he seems totally socially conscious to me (especially his thoughts on how women are objectified in film). And as for trouble and rough around the edges... I'll plead the fifth on this right now.

But back to the creative type conversation... we couldn't quite figure out our similarities in the things that make us vulnerable to another person. And something about that creative drive and energy and process is a magnet.

Not in a groupie kinda way. But obviously in a way that makes certain actors fall for their co-stars, or writers fall for each other, or whatever the profession. I guess when you're doing what you love, and you see others doing what they love, something happens...

Don't know why I'm sharing. But I'm sure some of you know exactly what I'm talking about, because maybe you fall for the same things too.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... met some actors and filmmakers.

Did the discussion of turning DOWN FOR WHATEVER into a vechicle for Logo, HBO etc come up!?

You know how much I want that to happen.

Glad to hear you're making the rounds in that area.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Kevin C

Brown Braided Woman said...

I fall for brains, intellect. I fall for laughter, big belly laughs, chortles, giggles, snickers and wide grins. I fall sweetness, poets, songwriters, painters, sculptors. I fall for those that don't fall me for me sometimes. I fall, I crush, I love.

Holiday N said...

hey mister smith...

i always have this theory that we are either looking for another version of ourselves or the pieces that we are missing(be they good or bad).

i am also a lover of those artsy folks.a creative person doesn't think the same as logical people and i find that deliciously be with someone that could take me out of my head sometimes is fab.

Marz said...

The been in trouble guys will lead you down a road. And on that road, you'll realize that your in the front seat of a stolen car, with a shotgun in hand. While, shooting at the police, you'll realize the big bag of money in the baskseat. (LOL)

Fixer uppers do have a certain something. I haven't figured it out myself yet. It's like a project that when you get done, you can say, "Look at what I did". And then you reveal Marshall ( fake name) and everyone screams, " You've done wonders for that man. Look at him, he's wearing clothes now."

(Do I have to mention Ms. Knowles (older one) and her fixer upper. She did a good job too.) (In my opinion. LOL)


Darrious D. Hilmon said...

For better...or worse, I share similar weaknesses:-) Lawd help me!

D-Place said...

You are now word! LOL

ByeBye said...

Should I plead the 5th nawww, I have nothing to hide. I love those with the creative minds of mental stimulation such as writers, photographers, and poets. I love those who can laugh out loud, create their own style, and doesn't conform to society and their wishy washy norms. I enjoy the pleasure of mystery to the demeanor of one's personality, I find that very intriguing.