Thursday, January 26, 2006

Book Insider

So... it looks like Oprah has changed her mind about James Frey and the Million Little Pieces.

This isn't the first time a guy... has brought issues to the Oprah Book Club. Remember the Jonathan Franzen and The Corrections drama five years ago? What's the solution? What's the correlation between James and Jonathan? Hmmm... what would Big Mama say about who's causing drama?

Covenant, the follow up to Rashid Darden's debut novel, Lazarus, will be out soon. Orders will be taken starting February 1. Visit Rashid's site for details. I loved Lazarus, and I'm sure Covenant will deliver and will be worth the purchase.

Derrick L. Briggs is taking his book club on a national tour. I hope does for L.A., Atlanta, Chicago, etc... what he's done for the guys in NYC... Love the theme of the book club: Books Are Sexy!

OK. So have you ever wondered how publishing companies actually get bookstores to take their books?

The preview catalogs.

In these, you can see what coming up in the next season, how the company plans to market and promote the book/author, and the key selling points of said book and author.

I'm sharing a couple with you here. There's nothing secret about them... all publicly on the internet... but unless you're really interested, you probably won't look for them. (They're PDF files, so they may open up slowly)

Little, Brown & Company spring 2006
Kensington winter/spring 2006

Take it easy...

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