Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Globes. Time. Tuesday.

So I think it's kinda cool that LGBT-focused art dominated the Golden Globe Awards this year. Brokeback Mountain. Transamerica. Capote. Now... the picture will be complete when art about LGBT folks of color gets critical raves, recognition, and awards in both mainstream and targeted organizations. That will be awesome.

Now, I actually didn't watch the awards last night. But it's on TIVO, and I'll get to the show... well, to watching the Red Carpet arrivals and who's wearing what... later today.

I was out watching the new Queen Latifah and LL Cool J film,
Last Holiday. It's cute. Like it's not bad. It's not going to be the headliner at next year's Golden Globes. But it's a nice film. For family. For a date. For a date with family. Whatever. :-)

Speaking of dates... was listening to
KJLH Cliff and The Hometeam this morning... and today's topic was dating and doing time...

Picture it... you meet the man of your (Saturday night) dreams, you exchange numbers and MySpace pages, you arrange for a date, and in the course of normal, getting-to-know-you conversation on Sunday, he tells you he's done time (behind bars)... and, oh, could you pass the hot sauce. Would that influence your decision to date him or not? So I'm asking you the same thing...

Well, back to the grind. It's so hard getting into a Tuesday schedule after a long weekend. But that means the weekend is coming that much sooner!

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ByeBye said...

...just passing through. I love the 'Queen anything what her in it I'm watching. I'm waiting for the Last Holiday to come out of DVD, seem like a fun movie.

ok spoiler... was her death diagonisis was a medical mistake??? please tell me she didn't die