Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So, if you're familiar with the work of author Marissa Monteilh (Hot Boyz, May/December Souls), you'll be happy to know that she writes erotic novels as Pynk. And Pynk's newest novel, Sexaholics, has just been released in bookstores.

The novel follows four women of diverse backgrounds and experiences (in and out of the bedroom) who all have one thing in common... love of good sex. Sometimes, too much sex!

And that "addiction" brings the four together at a Sexaholics Anonymous meeting... and it's at the meetings that we hear the erotic and steamy sex-capades that brought them to seek treatment.

Definitely a hot read. And... if you're in the Atlanta area on Thursday, March 25, you can check out Pynk reading from Sexaholics at Outwrite Bookstore... one of my favorite bookstores in the country!

The reading at Outwrite starts at 7:30 pm on Thursday.

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