Monday, March 15, 2010

Married on Mondays

Honey B isn't just the name of Beyonce's character in the new Lady Gaga video, Telephone.

Honey B is also the pseudonym for best-selling author, Mary B. Morrison. As Mary, she writes novels filled with romance and drama featuring black characters. As Honey B, she writes romance and drama, but will a little more "adult" punch.

In Married on Mondays, you definitely get the "adult" punch... within the first page. The novel focuses on three sisters, Foxy, Victoria, and Deja, who run a very successful bakery by day, and a very successful adult fantasy playland by night... and weekends. On Mondays, it's back to being married and "proper" business women and romantic partners.

If you're over 18 and erotica is your reading genre, you'll definitely get into Married on Mondays. Look for the book next week in a bookstore near you.

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