Friday, March 19, 2010

The Jailbird Slutty Dater

My good friend Anita writes a blog called Don't Be A Slut, which chronicles lessons learned from dating experiences in her teens and twenties.

It's incredibly well written. Funny. Serious. And so full of those, "Damn, I did that too... but would never tell anyone about it" moments.

Her latest entry, Stop Dating Jailbirds, particularly resonated. Won't go into too many details, since I'm not that kind of blogger.

But let's just say I've cleaned house and have gotten over a "Social Work/Jailbird" dating situation from four/five years ago. I struggle, though, because there's something about my "good boy/clean cut" upbringing that makes me yearn for the "bad boy/scarred life" kinda guy. That's best left in soap operas!

Read Don't Be A Slut and reminise on your own dating lessons. Particularly helpful on those vulnerable Fridays and Saturdays when you're on the prowl for Mr. or Miss Right in the club.

Or, if you're holding on to a "Social Work/Jailbird/Bad Boy" kinda guy and can't let go, listen to the wise words of Miss Nancy Wilson, in her song, "Face It Girl, It's Over."

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