Sunday, November 22, 2009

Murder On The Down Low

Went to a great book reading/signing by Pamela Samuels Young this weekend at Esowon Books. Such an engaging author and speaker.

I love it when I find out about an author who has done quite a few books, but I'd never heard of until recently. Means lots of reading material. The Esowon event focused on her new novel Buying Time, but one of her previous novels she mentioned caught my attention.

It's called Murder On The Down Low, and it's a mystery about a series of "DL" guys being found murdered in Los Angeles. Thought the title is provocative, the author has a very progressive and open viewpoint around LGBT issues, which she shared when an audience member asked a question that tried to push an opinion that only college-educated/middle class black men in the black community could be gay. Yes, in 2009.

But again, the author was really calm, cool, and progressive in her response to his question/opinion, and went on to explain why people might remain in the closet, the various blue collar and "gangsta" gay communities, and that all ethnic groups have gay people. Great seeing a straight ally enlighten folks without hesitation.

The store was out of the Murder on the Down Low book, which I quickly ordered online when I got home. Looking forward to reading and feeling excited about discovering an author whose work I think I'm going to enjoy. And based on the 40-50 readers at the reading on Saturday, I'd say I'm right.

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Pamela Samuels Young said...

Hi Fred,

Thanks for the shout out about Murder on the Down Low!

I really tried to present an array of gay characters who weren't the typical stereotypes we usually see. While the down low issue is the center of the story, I tried to go beyond that. Would love to hear your thoughts after you've read the book.

Thanks again,
Pamela Samuels Young