Friday, November 13, 2009

Cruz-ing This Fall

Penelope Cruz has two great film projects coming out that I am SOOOOOO ready to see.

Nine, a musical from the producers of the film Chicago, comes out late December in the U.S. Seeing the visually and musically appealing trailer sold me. But I love musicals, so I'd have found out about it and seen it without the trailer.

Broken Embraces, releases in a couple weeks in the U.S., and is a film from one of my favorite directors, Pedro Almodovar. If you've never seen an Almodovar film, you're missing some of the best storytelling around. Dramatic storylines that unravel layer by layer, with great dialogue, subtle performances, and strong women characters.

Some of Almodovar's previous films include Women On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown, Bad Education, All About My Mother, and Volver.

Seems like Penelope Cruz has hit the film jackpot this fall. And I'm sure there will be plenty of awards recognition as we march toward the winter awards season. If you haven't seen her Academy Award winning performance in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, you must take a look this weekend.

Any fall/winter films you're looking forward to?

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Eduardo Guize said...

Nine looks like a must-see, especially for those that loved Chicago. And it must be funny to have Sophia Loren appearing in the movie along with Cruz, often called her successor.

I didn't like Vicky Cristina Barcelona that much until Penelope started shouting all over the place. Priceless!

I saw Broken Embraces in Europe. It's visually amazing and, even if I didn't like the story that much, Penelope won't disappoint you.

Have you seen Atame (Tie me up, tie me down)? It's probably my favorite Almodovar movie, with a young Antonio Banderas.