Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Legs Are The Last To Go

I've always loved Diahann Carroll. Though she had a career long before I loved divas, my first real exposure to her was as Dominique Devereaux on Dynasty.

Now, Diahann has a new memoir that recently came out-- The Legs Are The Last To Go: Aging, Acting, Marrying, and Other Things I Learned The Hard Way.

When I was a kid, I read her autobiography Diahann! and I remember really admiring her work and life. I'm sure Legs Are Last will be a good read as well. Diahann Carroll talks about her life and new book in this NPR interview with Michele Norris.

Now, back to Dynasty... those were the days, and I remember being soooooo excited knowing the "first black bitch on soaps" was going to make her debut. Here are some clips, courtesy of YouTube, of the first black bitch on soaps in action:

Dominique's debut... a scene with Alexis (and that assymetrical hair and fur cape... diva!)

Dominique and Alexis catfight (with the very obvious stuntMEN doing the fighting)

Dominique and Alexis... the slap heard around the world.



Fred, thank you for this. Both ladies look incredible. How old were they then, in their 40s?
As I watched the scenes, I could envision Beyonce playing Dominique's character, for some reason.

The fight scenes are so 80s. Every soap had them then. You hardly see those anymore.

thegayte-keeper said...

yeah is a TRUE diva

D-Place said...

I admire her alot too. She's a strong and beautiful woman!

C. Baptiste-Williams said...

i use to love watching the Dynasty reruns on the Soap channel... she was such a strong black character on that lily white show.

unfortunate though i don't know much about her to be even slightly intrigued to read her book.